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 Best diets for weight loss

diets for weight loss

Three-day military diet   

 Three-day military diet will help you shrink out of your clothes. The military diet is a short-term food plan that claims to help you lose up to 10 pounds in a week. What's even better you get to eat hot dogs and ice cream let's get to it and read what this magical diet is all about. What exactly is the three-day military diet and why is it so popular well one of the coolest things about this diet is that it lasts only three days as you've probably already guessed and by sticking to it you can lose up to 10 pounds in pretty much no time at all however you can achieve these impressive results only if you follow the eating plan too. This diet is surprisingly really easy to follow and doesn't demand much on your part you don't need to constantly count calories, spend hours at the gym or buy a long list of really expensive supplements. The military diet calls for ingredients you can easily find at your nearest grocery store and how exactly does it work no miracles just pure metabolism kickstarting by decreasing your calorie intake over a short period your body will burn more fat and as a result you'll lose weight effortlessly. It's definitely not your typical starvation diet while it is low in calories. It provides you with the energy you need to have a productive day since it includes healthy fats carbohydrates and protein but enough theory let's look at your menu for the next three days


 Start your day with a hot caffeinated beverage such as a cup of coffee or tea make yourself one slice of toast it's even better if it's a whole grain with two tablespoons of peanut butter and don't forget to grab exactly half a grapefruit yeah get ready for some funky combinations your lunch will be a bit similar a cup of hot coffee or tea with a slice of toast and half a cup of tuna don't add anything else the diet will only work if you strictly follow all the rules. Finally, for dinner, you should have about 85 grams of any meat it can be boiled or steamed sorry no fried chicken allowed add one cup of green beans half a banana, and one small apple to your meal as well you can also treat yourself with one cup of vanilla ice cream. It won't hurt your diet plan at all plus you totally deserve it for your willpower. 


 Your breakfast on the second day of the diet will consist of one slice of toast again whole grain is desirable then change things up a little bit with one hard-boiled egg and half a banana when it's time for lunch eat one more hard-boiled egg five saltine crackers and one cup of cottage cheese don't worry it'll give you all the energy you need and will fill your stomach up more than you think dinner on day two is a little more interesting your final meal for the day should include two hot dogs yep that's right not one but two hot dogs best diet ever if you ask me oh but you gotta eat them as is no bun or condiments sorry balance that out with a half cup of carrots a cup of broccoli and half a banana which you can again cover with half a cup of vanilla ice cream cause you're the boss of your own life.


 The third and final day of your strict diet plan starts with five saltine crackers a slice of cheddar cheese and one small apple again. The portion size might seem like nothing but it'll actually give your body all the nutrients it needs to kick-start your day. Your lunch should be simple as well surprise. It'll consist of just a slice of whole-grain toast and one egg the last day of dieting is really light but still nutritious the same simplicity goes for your dinner today it's a cup of tuna and your favorite part is half a banana with a whole cup of vanilla ice cream and on this note, your diet plan is done remember if you want to achieve the best results follow the diet for three days and then eat normal food for the next four days don't overeat during the next few days it'll only bring back all that weight you worked so hard to lose. repeat the three-day military diet every four days for several weeks in a row until you reach your goal. It's even better to stick to this eating plan for a whole month there are some additional tips to make this diet even more effective. First of all, make it a habit to start your day with a glass of water actually go ahead and drink two glasses of water before every meal this is great for your health because;

 one:  your body needs h2o and 

 two: water is known to be exceptionally filling as a result it keeps your body hydrated flushes out icky toxins and reduces your appetite helping you to feel full longer.

 Don't forget to drink water during the four days of normal eating too. You know what just always drink water the stuff's good for you. Secondly, find yourself a diet buddy so that you can control and motivate each other it's always great to have somebody by your side who can help you keep it up when you feel like throwing in the towel if you do this you're way more likely to succeed so share this article with your friends and see who'd like to take this challenge with your strength in numbers. You know thirdly and most importantly severely restricting calories isn't suitable for everyone it's always a good idea to consult your doctor before trying any new diet whether it's right for you or not depends entirely on your health and that information can only be provided to you by your physician so don't be lazy and give the doc a visit it's their job to give you trusted advice when you're looking to make drastic changes to your health and eating have you ever been on a diet? did it help? are you gonna give this one a shot? don't be shy sound off in the comments section below remember to always stay on the bright side of life take care of yourself.

The DASH Diet 

What is the dash diet and why do doctors call it one of the best diets?

Doctors say that this diet is the most effective way to improve your overall condition.  According to the national institute of health, it scored a 3.3 out of 5 in the weight loss effectiveness category and  4.5 out of 5 in health usefulness out of  40 diets evaluated it was chosen number one.  So who is this all-star it's something called the dash diet. The dash diet is an easy safe and useful plan that can help you feel better and get rid of excess weight you can lose weight gradually no starving or yo-yo dieting. It won't shock or stress your body out. Dash stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension. It's a  diet developed specifically to reduce blood pressure in those with hypertension but scientists understood later on that this diet resolves tons of other health issues it reduces cholesterol prevents stroke and heart failure and brings the weight down to a healthy level even for those with obesity plus it's considered the best diet to prevent diabetes.  Besides controlling blood pressure people following it managed to improve insulin resistance.  What's it all about the dash diet balances all the necessary nutrients and minerals like calcium potassium protein and fiber that are responsible for brain and overall organ function it improves the condition of your hair and skin as well what's convenient about this diet is that you don't have to calculate and monitor each nutrient you just need to reduce your salt intake and eat certain recommended foods. For instance fruits, vegetable grains protein-rich foods, and dairy products compared to trendy crash diets, the dash is different. This is a complete lifestyle change it's for people who need to take care of their eating habits throughout their lives. There's no cutting out or starving involved you can have all sorts of tasty dishes you just need to keep in mind a few general rules it's not about the quantity of the food as much as it is about the quality.  Drink 67 ounces of fluids per day ideally it should be still water or green tea just limit the tea to no more than four cups a day.  Try to eat five times per day one serving should be no more than 8.8  ounces. So it's basically better to have smaller portions but eat more often limit your daily calorie intake it should be around 2000 to 2500 a day.  If you have a sweet tooth you'll need to control yourself. You don't have to stop eating sweet foods completely just no more than 5 times a week try to eat more cereals seeds beans lean meats and vegetables.  You should avoid drinking soda or alcohol this is because too much alcohol elevates your blood pressure plus it harms your liver, heart, and brain.  Limit your snacks to no more than eight per day in between meals but have a bite only if you're really hungry not bored remember that tobacco use is prohibited.  Reduce your salt intake to a maximum of two to three teaspoons a day your diet should include whole-wheat bread exclude smoked or fatty foods pickles pastries and canned fish or meat what you can eat according to the dash principle to come up with a proper diet plan you should keep in mind your goals. Do you want to lose weight or become healthier if you want to slim down your menu should contain fewer calories in other words you need to reduce the size of your servings for anyone on the dash diet you can have the following cereals no more than seven servings per day?

 One serving should be a slice of bread half a cup of cooked pasta or half a cup of oatmeal for example fruit no more than five servings a day.  This could be one fruit a quarter cup of dried fruits or half a cup of juice vegetables five servings in a day half a  cup of steamed vegetables could be a  serving of non-fat dairy products two to three servings per day for instance 1.8 ounces of cheese or five ounces of milk would do just fine seeds beans and nuts five servings a  week one serving is 1.4 ounces animal and vegetable fats three servings per day this could be one teaspoon of olive or linseed oil sweet dishes no more than five times a  week a teaspoon of honey or jam is okay fluids again 67 ounces per day water is preferred but green tea and juice are fine too protein seven ounces of lean meat fish or eggs a day is ideal.

  What to avoid of course is a diet and lifestyle change so you'll have to avoid all the typical unhealthy products, fast food, and chips smoked in canned food salami sausage, fatty meat, candy cookies, and other sweets soft drinks because our bodies form a dependency to junk food. You can eliminate harmful products little by little don't try to go cold turkey. You're only setting yourself up for failure take baby steps over time your cravings will disappear. 

How to plan your diet?

  You can create your own menu by taking into consideration the diet's rules and incorporating the products you're allowed to eat. You don't have to do anything special to create your diet plan you just need to include the necessary products and gradually exclude the bad ones. If your goal is to lose weight and cut the amount of recommended servings you can also find all kinds of tasty dash-approved dishes on the internet an abundance of recipes for appetizers drinks main dishes and even desserts can be found there once you look for them.  Weight loss benefits the dash diet wasn't originally designed for weight loss but there have been some studies proving that this eating plan can help people get rid of unwanted pounds in a 2006 study researchers divided 810  adults with borderline to mild hypertension into three groups the first group was given some general advice on how to change their lifestyles so that they could get their blood pressure under control the second group was given instructions to keep their sodium intake under 2 300 milligrams a day,  exercise and limit their alcohol consumption. People in the third group had to follow the same directions as those from the second group but also eat according to the dash guidelines after a  year and a half people from the second group became approximately eight pounds lighter while those from the dash group lost an average of nine and a half pounds and these results were significantly better than the results of the first group, who managed to drop only three pounds on average it is easy to follow the dash eating plan.  First, let's consult with the experts according to those numbers from the national institute of health we mentioned earlier dash scored a 3.4 out of 5 in the category of easiness to follow but of course, we're only human.  It'll be a bit hard to say no to your favorite salty, sugary or fatty treats.  Otherwise, this diet doesn't restrict you from entire food groups there are tons of recipe options out there so you'll definitely find something suited to your taste get ready to experience some difficulties going out most restaurants serve huge portions of salty or fatty food so when you go out to eat opt for fruits and vegetables and avoid soups also ask the chef not to season your meal as for alcohol. You can allow yourself a bit every now and then but remember that you still have to limit yourself for the ladies that are no more than one drink a day men shouldn't have more than two per day and what's considered a drink that's five ounces of wine one and a half ounces of liquor or  12 ounces of beer. A nice feature of this diet is that you never feel hungry the main idea is to have a satisfying feeling of fullness remember no starvation. Yes, it might be hard to live without chips pickles, or cookies at first but your palate will adjust plus your meals won't taste bland if you add some spices and herbs have you ever tried the dash diet if so.  How did you like it tell us in the comments below.

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