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Things you should do in 2022 for self-defense when someone is following you….


all right so here's the situation you're walking home after a night out with friends that's when you hear footsteps behind you. You turn around to see someone walking toward you. You think to yourself are they following me, if you're ever in this scenario.

the art of self-defense

 Here's what you do start walking slightly faster if you hear the person's footsteps catching up with you then your suspicions are correct try to make turns three or four right turns are enough to bring you back to your starting position. It'll confirm that the person is after you since they have no reason to circle the area and you'll get a chance to disappear the moment you make a turn start running until they lose sight of you.

tips and tricks for self-defense

 If some people are walking by you can loudly say hey and pretend they're your friends tell them someone is following you and ask if they can walk with you to a more public area. Until you find another way home don't go to your house or apartment when you're being followed even if the group of people is offering to help you get there this pursuer will then know where you live and might come back later or wait for you to leave the house. Let's assume nobody is on the street and this figure is still behind you. 

If you're wearing a hoodie tuck the hood into your sweater to hide it if your hair is up in a ponytail or bun let it down as you walk. It'll be harder for your follower to grab your entire set of hair or pull your clothes. If they have nothing to hold on to now you must lose them.

 If you've turned off a busy road earlier you can pretend you've forgotten something by padding your pockets say out loud ah where is my wallet as you do so start walking even faster in the opposite direction. This person will be less likely to pursue someone who's running toward a busy street and he probably won't run after someone who doesn't have their wallet never say you've lost your keys they'll come in handy later

 don't take your phone out and start browsing or texting the light from the screen will make it harder for your eyes to adjust in the dark that and looking through your phone will slow you down observe your surroundings and learn your exact location as you walk find out the street name look at the house numbers and what stores or buildings are around you'll need these details later if you can't get away and the side street or alley you're on seems endless turn around and look at your follower look at their clothes eyes height and age hmm black hoodie navy blue pants green baseball cap got it then you can give an accurate description to the authorities doing that will also send a clear message to this person yup i see you people with bad intentions rely on the element of surprise with a long hearty eye contact you'll take that away from them it'll catch them off guard and they won't see you as a target stand confident with your shoulders back chin up don't look like you're lost or nervous you'll give off  i know what i'm doing vibe they don't like that..

 let's say the green hat guy is brave and decides to approach you and ask for something keep consistent eye contact if they ask you for directions don't look down or away from them to reach for your phone you'll become distracted just tell them you don't know the way they're asking is suspicious enough who doesn't have a phone with maps these days if you're carrying books or shopping bags be ready to drop them as soon as you feel something's off holding on to heavy items will slow you down now you'll need your keys place them in your palm with the keys teeth sticking out through your fist if worse comes to worst you'll have something pointy to defend yourself with so you can get away don't stay quiet make a fuss as you try to leave and yell fire instead of help people react to that word more often than a call for general help plus nobody wants to chase someone screaming at the top of their lungs and drawing attention to themselves if they're following you from a further distance then get your phone out and call the police that's when you need to know all those details about the street you're on your location and the buildings stay on the phone with the dispatcher and follow their instructions another possible scenario is someone following you in public if that happens try to get to a grocery store or anywhere you can lose yourself in the crowd if your jacket is a different color from your shirt take your coat off it'll be harder for this person to identify you

 if you walk into a restaurant or coffee shop and your follower is determined they'll walk in and wait for you one option is to go straight to the bathroom and stay there for five to ten minutes they might get tired and leave if you get out and they're still there get in line order something and casually let one of the staff members know you're being followed they'll probably do something and keep an eye out for you grab your order and sit down get on your phone and let your family or friends know where you are so they can come and pick you up or keep you company while you wait to try these tricks 

yawn if the person yawns to it mean they've been watching you yawning is visually contagious pretend to look at your watch if they check theirs too they've got their eyes on you we instinctively mimic the person we have our attention on to trick them leave the cafe and walk a little bit down the street until they lose sight of you then as soon as they come out to walk back into the coffee shop they'll have no reason to walk back in with you unless they were following you when someone comes to pick you up to ask the staff to guide you to the back exit just to be safe avoid walking alone if you do keep to busy streets and always be aware of your surroundings you know all that stuff that lies beyond your phone screen just messing with you or you must attend self defense classes to understand the art of self-defense. Hey, bottom line I hope nothing like this ever happens to you but being prepared for it gives you confidence like nothing else…

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