Paris Saint-German gets their UEFA Champions League campaign underway this Wednesday against Club Brugge in Belgium and the French giants are among the favorites for the title once again but are up against fellow hopefuls Manchester City in Group A.

 French Football Expert TOM WILLIAM said 

"I mean that is that is very much the feeling  I mean they've come very close to winning the champions league in the last two seasons beat finalists  in 2020 when they lost to Bayern Munich beaten semi-finalists last season so if you take that group of players who've come so close already and you add Lionel Messi uh and Georgina winaldo and atra fakimi and Sergio Ramos and januiji donnarumma  there's not much more you can do so you know there I think there is a feeling that the PSG are clear favorites and this really is the time for them to finally, win this trophy."

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