What Will Happen to Your Body If You Walk Every Day

 Ten things that happen to your body if you walk every day the great Greek physician Hippocrates once said walking is a man's best medicine well he hit the nail right on the head with that one walking is totally free easy requires a little effort and benefits not only your physical but also your mental well-being we're about to get into that and if you stick around till the end of the video you'll find out what the fit formula is and how it can help you out big-time before you grab your sneakers and head out for your walk subscribe to our channel and turn on post notifications to keep up with all of our updates 10 brain boosting effect a study at the university of kansas has revealed how low impact aerobic exercises like walking prevent the early onset of dementia and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease over 35 million people around the world suffer from Alzheimer's and sadly it's only getting worse scientists predict that this number will double in the next 20 years the good news is that people who are physically active throughout their life are much less prone to this disease than those who have a more sedentary lifestyle and that's because they have more volume in their hippocampus the part of the brain responsible for verbal memory and learning plus walking improves your overall mental well-being by reducing stress and releasing endorphins it stimulates not only the production of chemicals responsible for brain health but also the growth and survival of neural blood vessels and cells 9 improved eyesight surprising right moving your legs helps your eyes how in the heck do they have anything to do with each other well first off walking can help fight glaucoma by relieving eye pressure you see Lahoma develops when too much fluid builds up in the eye increasing the pressure inside that pressure in turn affects the optic nerve which results in visual impairment the glaucoma Research Foundation recommends walking as one of the best ways to reduce the risk of developing glaucoma and even relieve its symptoms if you think you're way too young to start worrying about glaucoma you should know that walking is good for eyesight in general both low and high intensity exercise strengthens and stimulates the visual cortex that part of the brain that processes the images our eyes send to it so get on the road to improve vision and protect your eyes now from potential problems in the future 8:4 revention of heart disease you're probably well aware of the fact that running makes your hearts stronger but according to the American Heart Association walking is no less effective than running when it comes to the prevention of heart disease and stroke a daily half-hour walk helps avoid serious problems like coronary heart disease to name one by lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and improving blood circulation 7 increased lung volume walking is an aerobic exercise which means that it increases oxygen flow in the bloodstream and helps eliminate toxins and wastes in short it's great for your lungs because of better quality and deeper breathing some symptoms associated with lung disease can show significant improvement the stress and medication that lung disease brings with it weaken the immune system of those suffering from it we all know that spending time outdoors is a great immunity booster so why wouldn't you start walking every day 6 benefits for the pancreas believe it or not walking for exercise is a surprisingly more effective way to prevent diabetes than running is in a Duke University study over a six-month trial period a group of frequent walkers demonstrated a 6 times greater improvement in glucose tolerance or blood sugar absorption than a group of runners more efficient use of blood sugar allows your pancreas to produce less insulin giving it a much-needed rest to gather strength 5 proved digestion just half an hour of walking every day not only lowers the risk of developing colon cancer but also improves digestion and regulates bowel movements good news for those who suffer from chronic constipation what's even better walking helps the chances of surviving colon cancer even after it's already been diagnosed this incredible fact was discovered in a study of over 150 thousand men and women where activity levels were compared with the number of those who got colon cancer and died of it four toned muscles muscle tone and weight loss is also totally achievable through simple walking in fact just 10,000 steps a day can be just as effective as a full-blown workout at the gym especially if you add some intervals or uphill walking just remember to use correct form though keep your spine straight bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle swing your arms and stabilize your pelvis find your optimal pace but don't break out into a jog this sort of speed walking is low-impact and doesn't require any recovery time which means no sore muscles to keep you from getting out and walking the next day thumbs up if that sounds like something you're game for three sturdier bones and joints walking can provide more joint mobility prevent the loss of bone density and even reduce the risk of fractures the Arthritis Foundation recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate walking a day to reduce pain stiffness and inflammation in the joints building strong bones will help you prevent osteoporosis and reduce bone loss to back pain relief yet another ailment walking can cure is back pain this is a real lifesaver for those who experience back pain during more challenging high-impact exercises since it's a low-impact activity it won't cause more pain or discomfort like running or a chai tea wood walking contributes to better blood circulation within the spinal structures pumping important new tree into the soft tissues in improving posture and flexibility both of which are vital for a healthy spine as you walk you make your spine more stable and strengthen the muscles that keep your body upright and hey with better posture comes a few added inches to your height yes my basketball career will finally take off no fine I can dream can't I one a calmer mind if mind and body are connected like they say then this point is right at home on our list the Journal of psychiatric research published the results of a study on 50 individuals suffering from major depression it showed that walking 30 to 45 minutes a day five days a week improve their conditions significantly if walking improves depression symptoms in patients with MDD just imagine how easily it could help us cope with just feeling down or exhausted another group of researchers at Iowa State University worked with hundreds of college students and we all know how stress - this bunch is walking changed their mood for the better even though no one warned them that it could do so and a joyful walk with a friend or loved one will only enhance that happy effect and improve your mood even more bonus the fit formula if you now can't wait to get out there and walk your you-know-what off hold on for a sec because you shouldn't try to do too much right away keep in mind the fit formula it stands for frequency how often intensity how fast and a time for how long when you want to level up change one of those components at a time frequency if for whatever reasons you can't go for a walk every single day do it three to five times a week if you can only handle a five-minute walk start with that but do it regularly and gradually add extra minutes to it just make it your routine that's what really matters intensity two to three miles an hour is a good average intensity if that's too much for you set your own optimal pace a good rule to remember is that you should be able to talk while walking if you start running out of breath and your heart beats like crazy you're going too fast time 30 minutes a day should be your goal you can also count steps to motivate yourself to keep going a good amount to aim for is 6,000 steps a day again if that's too much you can get there gradually and start with what you can manage right now if you still don't feel motivated enough to start walking for your health try joining a class or find a buddy who also wouldn't mind getting the benefits of walking another idea could be to hire a personal trainer the money you have to pay them is a great motivation for some people do you think walking is worth giving a shot or maybe you already do it and have success stories to share we'd love to hear about it in the comment section below if this post has helped you out at all share it with all your friends .

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