Treasures Of Qin Shi Huang And The Terracotta Army


Even thousands of years after his reign chinese emperor chin shi huang has left treasures to be discovered in a tomb buried 114 feet underground protecting the tomb of the emperor is a multi-billion dollar terracotta army in a model of a subterranean city but the tomb itself is protected by poisonous mercury rivers and has never been excavated from bronze weapons to chariots and thousands of warriors the unearthing of the emperor's army is one of the most vast archaeological discoveries in the world let's explore the army that protects his final resting place and discover what could be buried within the emperor's mysterious mausoleum.

 In 1974 in the lingtong district of xi'an farmers made an astounding discovery an entire garrison of terracotta warriors meant to protect one of china's most important leaders emperor chin shi huang only 2 000 of the warriors have been uncovered all of them are slightly different in pose and facial features hold various weapons and were once bright and colorful even after being buried for more than 2 000 years their blades are sharp and dangerous and they tower over us at a height of 1.8 to 2 meters tall out of the four pits that make up the hidden underground city warriors have been unearthed in three of them the first pit is the largest about the size of two football fields it includes chariots and the infantry with over 6 000 individual figures and 50 chariots in total the second pit is only half the size and has the most army units there are more chariots and infantry as well as cavalry and crossbowmen the third and final excavated pit is the smallest with just 68 figures four horses one chariot and 34 weapons the warriors all face east according to historical records the original ruling area of chin was in the west and the emperor looked to the east in his mission of unifying china the value of these historic treasures reflects the kind of massive historical discovery this army really is one terra cotta warrior is estimated to be worth 4.5 million u.s dollars so about 36 billion dollars for the entire army when you include the 100 chariots 400 horses and more than 100 000 weapons also on earth the wealth of the army is expected to be closer to 50 billion dollars so what exactly is this army protecting to discover that we have to go past the subterranean city to the hidden tomb of the emperor born in 260 bc and now remembered as the first emperor qin shi huang was one of china's most important rulers and his tomb is a thing of legends hidden beneath this hill about 35 meters or 114 feet below ground is a mausoleum dedicated to the ruler where his body and his treasures rest the tomb itself has never been opened although according to the account of sima chian considered to be the first chinese historian it's a miraculous creation which features rivers of mercury flowing thanks to an elaborate mechanism he describes the tomb as being full of precious and rare treasures as well as traps like hidden arrows triggered by intruders he describes the vault as having a large dome decorated with the sun moon and stars and the ground depicts the nine regions and five mountains of china construction of the vast tomb took 38 years and the labor of hundreds of thousands of convicts when the tomb was completed it was covered in grass and trees the decision to explore the tomb is up to the government of china but it's not an easy one to make scientists do not want to risk damaging the burial tomb and the mercury within is poisonous it would also cost tens of millions of dollars if not more to excavate what did emperor chin shi huang accomplish during his reign to earn such a complicated burial to answer this question we have to look back at the economic power of the qin dynasty the qin state's economy was organized to create an agricultural based militarized society to enhance the power and wealth of its ruler as a result the qin conquered neighboring states and unified china he even went so far as to abolish all currency except his own the ban liang during his reign he also undertook epic construction projects like the terracotta army complex road systems and even the great wall of china while we don't know the emperor's exact wealth during his reign the wealth of his dynasty is apparent through the great wall it's estimated to have cost roughly 95 billion us dollars and was originally 21 196 kilometers or 13 170 miles long while the simple bronze banglang coins may only sell for about ten dollars a rare silver bon leong sold at auction in 2011 for over 334 000 this coin is the only known specimen of its type thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed uncovering some of the mysteries of emperor qin shi huang. 

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