The Ultra Rich Are Trying To Live Forever

   The thought of immortality and anti-aging has been discussed by humans since we first walked on this earth. Yet instead of it coming via the holy grail or the fountain of youth we could soon have treatments that allow us to live longer and better and to begin with, the uber-rich are the ones heavily investing into extending their lives. Today we're going to see just how much cash the wealthy are throwing at this goal. We'll also look at a bunch of treatments that have attracted their attention including stem cells cryogenics digital consciousness and more so let's get started.. Many of the world's rich are heavily investing into companies that specialize in halting reversing or slowing down the effects of aging and this goes far beyond cosmetic treatments. One such company is calico founded in 2013 it's backed by Google and their parent company alphabet. Later with equal contribution from pharmaceutical company abv calico had 1.5 billion dollars for their research. Founded in 2011 another group looking to halt aging is unity biotechnology had a load of billionaires lining up to invest during its creation including amazon founder jeff Bezos and PayPal co-founder peter thiel.

According to reports, they invested a collective 300 million dollars into the group. Larry Ellison the founder of oracle has reportedly donated an estimated 45 million dollars per a year into various causes to fight aging. Dave Asprey the founder of bulletproof has stated in interviews that he's currently set to live until he's 180 years old through biohacking his system. He's been on a lifelong mission to extend his life such as ordering smart drugs from Europe that cost him 1200 at one point Asprey was taking 150 supplements per day. He's very similar to Chris trigger in parks and recreation. Asprey also has a home gym called alpha labs.

It contains an atmospheric cell trainer that changes the air pressure when a person is inside. It's meant to supercharge cells. Asprey spent around 700000 on his gym up until 2019 he had spent 1 million dollars on his life-extending desire. But while extending life is all well and good there are concerns that as people live longer. There will be fewer young people working as such hospitals in particular will feel that burden. So to ease that possible the problem the techniques being researched will not only extend the life but repair the signs of aging. Aubrey de gray is a biomedical gerontologist who believes that people have the potential to live until they're one thousand he's been known to call aging a disease, DeGray co-founded Sen's research foundation who specializes in regenerative medicine for aging to combat this issue. After receiving an inheritance of 16 million dollars degrade donated 13 million of it into sends.

One of the most well-known immortality therapies is stem cell treatments. For those that don't know essentially stem cells are specialized cells that have the ability to become a variety of different cell types, such as brain or muscular cells. When placed into a damaged are the stem cells can replenish older cells and even restore or replace damaged tissue. It's a popular treatment for athletes with long-term injuries. Professional wrestler Rey Mysterio had stem cells injected in order  to continue performing. Embryonic stem cells have even been described as immortal in culture by scientists but stem cell treatments aren't cheap in the US they typically cost anywhere between five thousand to fifty thousand dollars according to experts simple injections into a joint can cost around one thousand dollars while more extensive treatment can go as high as one hundred thousand dollars. There's also a related procedure called PRP therapy standing for platelet-rich plasma this treatment uses the patient's own plasma and platelets to inject them into areas needing repair typically these cost at least 500 in the US. The reason for stem cell treatments being so high is due to the specialized nature of the business. In the states not many insurances companies will accept this treatment so patients have to pay out of pocket. Seemingly inspired by Dracula there is now a treatment that basically transfuses an older person with the hemoglobin of someone younger and healthier. According to reports one such a billionaire that's rumored to be interested in the practice is peter Thiel. The process collects donated vital fluid from healthy people aged between 16 to 25. If you're aged at least 35 you can have this young life-juice injected into you fun according to fans this younger hemoglobin has a revitalizing effect. Tests on mice have seemingly shown this to be the case however on humans the results have been inconclusive and sometimes dangerous. One such company showcasing this treatment is ambrosia not the UK custard company instead this other ambrosia in the US has been offering this treatment since 2016. It currently sells two liters of the red stuff for the price of eight thousand dollars. Later on, the company began offering two liter plasma transfusions for twelve thousand dollars. During 2018 another company the young blood institute was charging people 285000 to undergo a transfusion trial. Similar to the 2014 film transcendence we're getting closer to having our consciousness uploaded digitally. This technology could lead to multiple ways to extend our lives. For starters, the consciousness could be installed into a robot. According to futurologist Dr Ian Pearson he believes that by the year 2060 is transferred into an android could be mainstream another way is for the consciousness to take inspiration from black mirror or the matrix and be uploaded into a virtual world. One company that received a lot of publicity in their digital immortality methods is nectome founded in 2015. The company is researching brain preservation technology they even won a grant totaling 960 000 from the US national institute of mental health for their work to undergo the procedure  the company charges ten thousand dollars for their brain preservation work. However, it's fatal a person is injected with a solution that essentially turns a person's tissue into the glass, this is done so later on the brain can be scanned and uploaded when technology is more advanced. Now we have the procedure made famous by the urban legend of Walt Disney cryogenics after being declared legally deceased the body is preserved in a container that uses liquid nitrogen to achieve a very cold temperature. The temperature protects the body from further degradation the plan is that in the future when medicine has advanced that person could be brought back from the brink, one of the companies specializing in this is Arizona-based firm Alcor. They offer two services the head alone can be stored for the price of eighty thousand dollars while the whole body stored cost two hundred thousand dollars. At the time of writing the company has 182 patients cryogenically frozen. Alcor has many famous names on ice such as the Emmy-winning actor writer and producer dick Clare also known as Richard jones a big supporter of the process Claire passed away in 1988 since then Alcor has received a royalty check from Claire's work amounting to around 50 000 annually so to date, Alcor has received around 1.65 million dollars from Claire another famous name is the legendary baseball player ted Williams who has been there since 2002 he's there alongside his son john henry Williams peter Thiel and Aubry de gray have both been reported to be a member of Alcor final fact finish one of the most expensive anti-aging products in the world is the jk7 rejuvenating serum lotion formed with some of the priciest essential oils money can buy just a 30 milliliter or one-ounce bottle will currently set you back 1800 euros around 2195.

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