The $700 Million Dollar Nuclear Powered Superyacht


What if your next cruise ship vacation could save the world that's precisely the idea behind the upcoming super yacht earth 300 it's big it's bold it's where science and luxury meet powered by atomic energy courtesy of its onboard molten salt reactor this incredible vessel is not only environmentally safe it is intended to inspire an interest in climate change while doing real world experiments at sea who's funding this nerd's playground well that's where the luxury side of this super yacht comes in a 10-day voyage will cost 3 million who'd have thought sipping champagne while traveling the 7 seas could actually save the world but with the earth 300 it can as you can probably imagine a luxury yacht of this scale size and which harbors such incredible ambitions is not going to be cheap earth 300 executives have tallied the books and estimate that this futuristic seafarer will cost an estimated 300 to 5 million pounds that's 709 million dollars folks hey no one said science was cheap so who's funding it aaron oliveira is the mastermind behind the project believe it or not he wasn't always a science guy he got his start and made his money in sales in fact he's worn quite a few hats in his lifetime he was also a restaurateur property developer and a capital raiser for luxury yachts so what got him interested in all things science apparently in 2010 mr oliveira saw the damage that was being done to coral reefs in maldives while he was trying to build a hotel in the area it completely changed his perspective which brings us to the mission statement of the earth 300 project the goal is simple get the world stoked about the dangers of climate change and inspire people to do something about it the earth 300 has even been touted as the current generation's eiffel tower or the olympic torch of climate change in an interview with science focus mr oliveira stated it has been designed to capture people's attention but also their hearts and imaginations if we want to make big bold changes we need everybody's help and we mean everybody all ages backgrounds and even all types of intelligences lofty goals for sure but honestly with the earth 300 we think he just might do it here's what you'll find on the ship designed by edis yachts and led by architect yvonne jefferson the earth 300 will be the size of a cruise ship and will house 22 laboratories at 300 meters long it will comfortably house up to 450 people which mr oliveira hopes will include scientists environmentalists students patrons of the sciences and even the occasional billionaire and their family there will be artificial intelligence machine learning built-in sensors robotics and the world's first seafaring commercial quantum computer and all of the information gathered will be open source meaning it will be shared with the world free of charge the highlight of the boat is for sure its 13-story science sphere it's both awe-inspiring as well as practical a visual representation of the beauty of science and technology oh and did we mention that this boat is nuclear well it is earth 300 will be a zero emissions vessel powered by a molten salt reactor but don't worry the reactor is being built with the utmost care to ensure that there will be no mishaps and that it is completely safe the power source has been touted as a nuclear power pack and check this out it's based on technology that was created by fellow billionaire bill gates's company terrapower if you haven't heard of terrapower it's sort of a nuclear innovations company that was acquired by electronics manufacturer little fuse in 2012 for 10.6 million dollars so when will we see it well as with all things good things come to those who wait and so far there's already been quite a bit of waiting and there is still some waiting to do so far it has taken mr oliveira six years and over five million dollars just to draw up the plans so that the yacht can be constructed as of right now there is a tentative launch date of 2025 but get this certification of the nuclear reactor will take between five and seven years so the plan is for the earth 300 to initially run on synthetic green fuels hey you can't mess around with nuclear power folks gotta make sure it's safe now here's where things get a bit interesting because earth 300 is a bit more than just a science vessel it also doubles as a luxury yacht which will offer patrons incredible voyages out at sea for a price oh yes one of the main ways that this boat will be funded is by offering a truly one-of-a-kind experience for those that are able to pay for it there are slated to be 20 vip luxury suites all aimed at the ultra-rich if you want the 10-day cruise package that includes one of these suites be ready to pay 3 million dollars for it but hey we want to be clear here this is not just a business venture for aaron oliveira he has been very vocal about how earth 300 is not a toy for the rich in fact he was quoted as saying it is really an opportunity for the wealthy to contribute to science and participate in science this is not having a billionaire in a bathtub sipping a glass of champagne other incredible amenities include a breathtaking observation deck which is meant to give the scientists and tourists alike a place to chill out enjoy the scenery and maybe even network a helipad located on the foredeck as you can imagine will allow for not only travel to and from the vessel is needed but will also allow for more exploration in the surrounding areas than would just be offered simply by the yacht alone oliveira has gone on to say that 80 of profits for the earth 300 would go back into environmental causes add this to the fact that earth 300 is a scientific project that is open source and will be constantly sharing its findings with the rest of the world free of charge and we're inclined to agree that this isn't just a pretty product intended to produce a profit this is the real deal a luxury liner that will be doing actual science and it's been no secret just who oliveira wants to take on a ride in his super science vessel he has his eyes set on the environmentally conscious billionaires of the world mainly jeff bezos worth 187.1 billion dollars elon musk worth 151.8 billion dollars and bill gates worth 126.4 billion dollars all these net worths are based on the forbes real-time billionaire list at the time we produced this video to these men a three million dollar ticket wouldn't even put the slightest dent in their bank accounts and given the fact that they are all planetary vanguards we gotta say maybe oliveira is onto something set the environmentally conscious billionaires of the world up on a luxury liner with all of the top of the line scientific instruments that are currently available and have the money you make go back into helping climate change hey well done mr aloe vera well done hey getting excited about the idea of emission-free transportation how could you not be before we go we want to let you know about one other incredible emissions-free project out there that is currently being produced by toyota in japan their hydrogen fuel cell powered car called the mirai will cost just fifty thousand dollars honestly this is way less than hydrogen cells used to cost things sure have come a long way.

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