Seven Stars: The World's Most Exclusive Train

When you step onboard the luxurious seven stars in Kyushu train you'll feel like you're in a studio ghibli movie but this isn't an anime it's real-life the 28 million dollars seven stars is the most luxurious and expensive excursion train in all of Japan. 

Seven stars is not a bullet train if you want to get from point a to point b in a flash then this is not the train for you seven stars takes its passengers on a leisurely ride around the island of kyushu all while being pampered in the most luxurious fashion here's a look at the unbelievably posh seven stars in kyushu all aboard this train is about to depart wealthy passengers have been riding the seven stars in kyushu since 2013 and the stunning excursion train has gained a rabid fan base over the years some fans will even wait for the train as it pulls into a station despite being unable to afford a ticket on board no expense was spared building the seven stars jr kyushu spent 28 million us dollars building the magnificent train and while that's certainly not as expensive as a shinkansen it's a hefty price considering the train is small slow and powered by a diesel locomotive every inch of the seven stars is custom made from the light fixtures to the furniture to the seats seven stars is the brainchild of industrial designer edgy matuka and the best way to describe the train design style is east meets west ceiling tile borders shimmer in bright gold and the tiles themselves are accented with gold symbols as you walk down the corridors of the train's interior you'll notice traditional japanese kumiko woodwork and beautiful colored stained glass passengers have described the train's luxurious style as both elegant and nostalgic if you want to see the seven stars in kyushu for yourself then you better start saving a four day trip costs about five thousand four hundred dollars while a two day trip will set you back two thousand five hundred dollars the good news is that you will get a lot of bang for your buck kyushu has become one of japan's premier luxury travel destinations in recent years and the seven stars passes through every one of the island's seven prefectures that makes sense considering that's how the seven stars earned its name it's no surprise that the waitlist for a ride aboard the seven stars is so long the glossy maroon colored train can only host just 28 passengers but if you manage to snag a seat don't worry there's plenty to see and do seven stars has five sleeping cabins a lounge car and a dining car which are pulled by a df-200 7000 locomotive a ride on board the seven stars is a classy experience and a vacation in itself the train's top speed is only 60 miles an hour which means guests can enjoy this stunning kyushu countryside while on board the seven stars is much more like a luxury hotel than a bullet train there are 14 suites in total including two deluxe suites each room is packed with amenities and like the rest of the train meticulously designed each of the seven star's 12 standard suites is equipped with two single beds that can be transformed into sofa seats during the day don't worry train attendants will turn down your bed when you're ready to hit the hay this is a luxury train after all each standard suite includes a fully stocked mini bridge hardwood floors a handcrafted wooden desk and a custom made wooden chair simply pull back the bamboo blinds and you'll be able to enjoy the stunning kyushu coast as the train chugs along each suite has its own bathroom complete with high-tech japanese toilet and a shower the sinks and toilet paper holders are made from expensive porcelain and designed by legendary ceramicist sakaida kakemon the 14th if you're feeling a bit peckish simply head over to the dining car also known as jupiter the finest chefs in japan use local ingredients to prepare seasonal menus for passengers you'll get to enjoy sashimi and sushi made from kiyushu seafood caviar from kagoshima prefecture mentaiko from fukuoka fresh pressed tomato juice and waigu beef are just some of the fancy foods you'll get to enjoy when you take a ride on the seven stars after a delectable meal, you can head over to the blue moon saloon located in the lounge car the lounge features a modern japanese atmosphere and a panoramic landscape window that allows guests to look up at the starry night sky every night some of the best musicians from japan serenade guests with violin and piano performances simply sit back relax and enjoy an artisanal cocktail made by a world-renowned mixologist the blue moon saloon is the perfect place to meet your fellow passengers but be sure to dress for the occasion there is a strict semi-formal dress code on the seven stars that means suits and blazers for the men and dresses or pantsuits for the women of course, you can always opt for a traditional japanese look and wear a kimono or yukata the standard suites on the seven stars in kyushu are quite impressive but the deluxe suites take luxury to a whole new level the last car consists of two ultra luxurious deluxe suites that can accommodate three passengers each deluxe suites feature a sleeping area lounge and private bathroom deluxe suite a has the additional advantage of a rear window across the width of the train this allows for a scenic view from the comfort of a private room as luxurious as the seven stars are even four days on board without any stops would become quite tiresome luckily a seven stars trip is about more than just the train ride if you book a two-day trip you'll get a scenic tour of fukuoka and oita you'll also get to see famous kyushu sites like mount asoday excursions include a tour of nagasaki and the onsen town of yufuin travelers can also visit the arita porcelain kiln and learn about the area's 400-year heritage in pottery with a four-day trip, you'll get to experience even more a four-day trip allows you to experience the entire island of kyushu with stops in five prefectures it's ideal for visitors who want to experience a relaxing visit to an onsen and enjoy a tour of scenic volcanoes day excursions include a ferry sea cruise sightseeing tours in yuufun mimitsu and miyazaki and an overnight stay at the hot springs resort in kirishima if that wasn't enough you'll also get to stay at your choice of ryokan trust me there is nothing quite like the experience of staying in a traditional japanese inn it's both peaceful and luxurious you can choose from three different ryokans these are very high-end ryokans and typically cost between 488 and 560 dollars per night here's a fun fact did you know that seven stars and kyushu passengers have access to a luxurious private lounge in hakata station before departing from fukuoka passengers can sip expensive japanese plum wine and listen to a world-class pianist perform classical music in the kensai lounge if you want to visit the kinsai lounge you'll have to buy a ticket for the seven stars in kyushu as the kinsai lounge is rarely open to the public that's it folks.

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