Mansions No One Wants For Even $1

 If you've got a spare dollar lying around you could be a homeowner by tomorrow morning actually scratch that you could have the keys to your very own mansion sounds too good to be true right well that's because it probably is whenever you can pick up a million dollar mansion for pennies there's usually a catch and you're about to see exactly what we're talking about from party penthouses in new york with sinister reputations to one of the country's most geographically isolated properties and even the famous former homes of controversial celebrities strap in for a tour of the mansions you couldn't even pay us to live in living in a lakeside rockstar mansion with more bedrooms bathrooms and amenities than a kid could ever imagine it sounds like something out of a fairy tale but what's the good of having such a postcard worthy house if you've got nobody within hundreds of miles to share it with over here on the windy shores of lake superior in michigan you'll find granoloma a sprawling log cabin that holds the title of the largest of its kind in the country this thing is seriously huge it spans close to 2 600 square feet boasts 23 bedrooms and comes with a bonus four separate apartments in a bungalow style outbuilding there's a private marina a hot tub fit for a king and a massive garden area it was listed for sale for a whopping 40 million dollars but even after slashing that price in half interest has been almost non-existent so how come the buyers aren't circling like sharks on the one hand being an historic building granolama's interior is severely outdated with wall-to-wall taxidermy it would take millions to redo all the rooms on the other hand it's alarmingly remote the nearest major city green bay is almost 200 miles south oh and did we mention the bone-chilling winters imagine the cost of heating this place year after year yeah no thanks we'll pass from michigan let's hop down to new jersey where the peculiar house at 44 pleasant avenue in montclair sits unwanted unsold and unloved on the outside it presents as a historical quaint and eye-catching home would you rather buy two big macs or an entire house it's not as stupid a question as you'd assume because believe it or not this montclair house can be all yours for just 10 measly dollars of course there's a little catch well a pretty big catch actually the land on which it sits has been commissioned for the site of eight more houses to be built so what does that mean exactly if you want to buy this 100 year old house you have to physically move it upheaving foundations laying new ones hiring movers and obtaining council permits to literally drag a house down the road on the back of a truck the costs add up to be astronomical not to mention that you'd have to avoid exposure to the toxic lead paint and asbestos embedded within its walls while doing so considering that it's historically protected that's easier said than done the simple truth is this american estate would cost considerably more to move and restore than it would to buy it in the first place seems like a whole lot more effort than it's worth wouldn't it be sweet to live in a celebrity house when prospective buyers find out that brad pitt or david beckham or the queen of england once lived in this house holy smokes that sends the buying price skyrocketing but if the house in question is 50 cents old mansion this enormous piece of real estate in connecticut then that couldn't be further from reality 50 cent purchased the mammoth sized property from none other than mike tyson for 4.1 million dollars back in 2003 since trying to sell it for 18.5 million the response has been nothing but crickets but why what's wrong with it the house sports two stunning pools one indoors and one outdoors plus a hot tub several game rooms a recording studio a pair of basketball courts and believe it or not a nightclub all up there are 52 rooms in this palace 21 of which are bedrooms its unfathomable size is the main reason for its failure to sell even the most extravagant billionaires out there don't need a 52-room house the ongoing heating electricity and cleaning costs would be absurd the rapper continually slashed the selling price eventually dropping it by as much as 84 percent to a lowly 2.9 million could you live in a house this big seems a little over the top don't you think speaking of over-the-top turn your attention to the one-of-a-kind 100 million dollar neverland ranch sitting in santa barbara county california this property is as much of a house as it is an amusement park with a 50-seat movie theater a dance studio barnes a fire station a disney themed railway station and train a lagoon style swimming pool and a tennis court the property spans a humongous 2 700 acres and yet even though the selling price has been lowered again and again savvy real estate buyers have stayed away the attitude stems from one reason and one reason alone the tainted legacy of its former owner renowned pop superstar michael jackson the rebranded sycamore valley ranch was last seeking 31 million dollars less than a third of its original asking price of 100. it sat on the market for close to five years without so much as a nibble of interest before having its listing removed despite its fairytale facade the public prefers to steer clear of this controversial landmark as we hurtle from west coast to east coast havagander at this luxurious apartment over in the ritzy upper east side of manhattan it recently belongs to gianni angeli one time husband to bridget bardeaux but he bought it from none other than the legendary fashion designer roy halston froick roy purchased the party pad way back in 1974 so it should come as no surprise that this sleek apartment with its notable wide open spaces and minimalist design became a non-stop party hub in the 70s welcoming a long list of well-known personalities it was listed for sale for 38 million in 2011 and remained unsold for the better part of a decade even after the price was slashed to 24 million those who could afford it simply preferred to buy something that doesn't come with such a controversial colorful dramatic reputation and they'd probably prefer a place that featured hand railings on the stairs as well as we skip across the pond to the uk 25 miles outside of london we'll find this jaw-dropping mega mansion back in 2005 with an asking price of 138 million dollars this was the most expensive house on the planet and you're about to see why with 50 000 square feet of space it's larger in size than both buckingham palace and hampton court palace to declare this place was fit for a king would be an understatement sitting on over 58 acres of land this enviable residence boasts ready for this 103 separate rooms imagine playing hide and seek in this place that number includes 24 bedrooms each paired with its own beautiful marble lined ensuite bathroom plus a squash court home theater wine cellar sauna gym equestrian field soccer pitch bowling alley tennis court and a dedicated panic room five stunning swimming pools line the property and the six million dollar marble heated driveway is worth more than most houses in the country on its own so why does nobody want to buy it the bottom line is that it's just too darn expensive nobody needs a place this big you'd pay millions in regular bills and upkeep alone have you ever wanted to live in your own castle well you could have because bannerman castle in new york was up for sale there was just one issue it's only well barely half a castle the residence which was initially used as a place to store artillery blew up in 1920 then half a century later a fire swept through the building effectively destroying the roof and the foundations what we were left with was a collection of crumbling walls on an island only accessible by boat the boat which by the way sank to the bottom of the hudson during a storm in 1950. without much interest from the public the bannermans eventually sold the decaying castle and the land on which it sat to new york state who've since closed the area to the public and sold the relics to the smithsonian over in europe so long as you choose the right country the cost of living and the cost of real estate is exceptionally cheap far eastern nations like romania and bulgaria are budget-friendly likewise poland and hungary rarely does anybody put the popular tourist nation of italy in that same basket that's about to change in the town of ololai these homes are practically being given away we're not kidding here you can buy your very own house in sardinia's mountain region of barbaria for just one dollar well technically it's one euro which is about a buck 20 still a pretty serious bargain in our books so why have these mediterranean stone-built houses not been swept up like hotcakes because the incredible offer comes with a rather important asterisk the properties are in terribly poor condition and buyers must commit to a refurbishment within three years which will likely cost about 25 000 it's all part of a wider government plan to rejuvenate the community with a dwindling population ololai is at risk of becoming a ghost town if you like the sound of a one dollar home but don't feel like flying across the atlantic then there's another bargain basement house up for grabs in san francisco the golden city is one of america's most expensive hands down which makes the fact that there's a one dollar house up for grabs all the more surprising officially known as historic home number 54 and dubbed the queen anne for its victorian style this property sits in the east bay in the area of hercules the local government intended to turn it into a visitor center and even started the renovations by slicing the entire home in half but then the plan fell through and it just sat there abandoned now the city of hercules is allowing anyone to buy it for just 100 pennies as long as they take it away so while the debilitating home could be yours for less than the price of a cup of coffee it'll drain a serious hole in your wallet to figure out how to carefully relocate it not to mention stick it back into one piece again over in detroit a plan is in place to revitalize the city vacant homes across the metropolitan area are being auctioned off for prices that are just plain silly as little as one thousand dollars while that's a fair chunk more than the single buck houses in italy it's far from a 138 million dollar uk mansion that's for sure take this one for example with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms this historic tudor style home seems like an absolute bargain you're probably admiring the old world charm which is reminiscent of its 1920s original build but when you step inside you might have second thoughts the early 20th century construction hasn't changed one bit with an immediate need for new electrical wiring plumbing and floors a home like this would cost tens of thousands of dollars to get back to a livable standard and plenty more if you're after a fully modern renovation would it be worth the effort or would you rather just buy a new house and save yourself all that hassle out of all the properties we've dicussed today.

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