Mansions Hidden In Secret Locations

 Have you ever looked at the world and 
gone yup I need to move somewhere secluded we know we have whether it's moving to a house on top of a mountain an isolated private island or just in the middle of nowhere then you've come to the right place today we've selected a number of stunning and expensive homes across the world that are currently for sale at the time of making this post we have an estate in Italy a hilltop of ode and Ibiza sprawling mansions across the U.S and more we even have properties that have been owned by a couple of famous names so let's get started we kick off with actor Mel Gibson's abode in costa Rica that's currently on the market known as playa Borigona it contains 400 acres altogether with two miles of coastline the main property and the two guest houses included are based on a hilltop that overlooks the pacific ocean there's 12 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms spread between the villas each of them has verandas that take in the sights of the ocean views or the tropical jungle with howler monkeys and ocelots the main house has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms with a crescent-shaped swimming pool outside there's also a structure that was shipped from Bali that contains an open-air dining room and a commercial kitchen the property even has a secluded white sand beach that according to the listing becomes a haven for olive Ridley sea turtles who lay their eggs there each year Gibson first found the area when location scouting for the 2006 film Apocalypto the property has been on and off the market for a number of years currently it can be picked up for 29.75 million dollars hidden within savannah new York is a winding private road it's one that john Cena would love as it's called attitude adjustment road at the end of the isolated path is the savannah dew estate with 3929 acres of land the property surrounded by nature was devised to be a retreat and camping site it also comes with the opportunity to make money there's the conference barn that can accommodate 300 guests at a time while the gorgeous pines lodge has space for ten bedrooms nine full and three half bathrooms contained within nearly twenty six thousand square feet the estate also has a number of smaller historic lodges scattered throughout the estate even has access to a private artificially created lake perfect for water sports or fishing there's also an organic garden and greenhouse space for livestock as well as various trekking paths into the nearby forest at the time of writing the whole estate can be picked up for 65 million dollars based on a hillside within the Spanish island of Ibiza sits via mares due to its perfect location owners can get incredible views of the Mediterranean sea as well as the rest of the Balearic islands since Ibiza is known as a party island the listing speaks of the property's tranquil abilities helped in part due to its isolation the abode actually comes with two properties the main villa that's 7535 square feet and a 2 152 square foot guest house combined there are seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms the villa has a variety of terraces that allow owners to see the city and the surrounding nature as well after all the property is situated within 6.92 acres of hillside land outside the main building is an infinity pool that you can cool down with as well as gardens to meander about in whilst inside are fireplaces for those colder evenings and the listing even mentions a home gym at the moment via Mones can be picked up for 15 million euros around 18.3 million U.S dollars just off the coast of new Rochelle new York within the long island sound is Columbia island whilst nearby is pea island which is spelled like the vegetable this listing includes both of these islands Columbia island has been turned into a full innovative property the house contains 55625 square feet with four bedrooms and two bathrooms the lounge can also be turned into a screening room there's also a massive entertaining space the home is self-sufficient it has solar panels diesel generators clean water systems and more access to the abode is helped with a long dock for a boat the current owner purchased it in 2007 for one million dollars since then they've spent eight million dollars turning the property into what it is today just a short dingy ride across the water will get you to pee island this area based just 0.2 miles away from Columbia island has five acres of undeveloped lands to play with it features an open beach and indigenous plants all of this can be purchased at the time of writing for 13 million dollars during 1911 entrepreneur Mortimer Fleisch hacker commissioned building an estate in Woodside California away from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco today the area is now known as silicon valley the house would later be called the green gables and it is massive altogether the estate contains 74 acres with the main house and six other buildings all together Flyshacker was inspired by the manners in England and wanted to replicate this style for his family compound the property even holds history it was the location of the 20th anniversary gala of the united nations in 1965. even royalty has been hosted at green gables collectively the estate has 32 bedrooms spread across the various structures much of the main house's interior was created by iconic designer Elsie Dewolfe outside there are sprawling vegetables and flower pools a tennis court private woodland trails and an orchid to enjoy today the house's ownership is split between descendants of Fleischhacker as such it's currently on the market for an incredible 135 million dollars if jumping on a plane to escape modern day life for a slice of serenity is needed you can't go wrong with Italy one estate based in the Tuscan commune of san Castiano in Valdepesa could be for you situated nine miles away from the city of Florence the countryside property overlooks the chianti hills it was once the home of renowned Dutch artist carol apple one of his sculptures called the horse is still in the estate's lavender garden known as Villalicia it comes with 12.4 acres of land and five properties all together taking up around twenty thousand square feet the main house is six thousand two hundred and twenty two square feet alone collectively there's thirty bedrooms and thirty bathrooms throughout the various villas the grounds even have a deconsecrated patrician chapel built around 1647. outside there's a variety of gardens to enjoy complete with statues as well as olive groves a vineyard and a private forest there's also a playground free swimming pools and table tennis the whole estate can currently be bought  for 12.7 million euros around 15.5 million dollars if you really really want to be secluded you can't go wrong with a 439 acre mountain retreat based in vale valley near the town of Edwards Colorado is the castile creek retreat a twisting road through the mountain's forest eventually arrives at a stunning bridge that cost one million dollars the estate comes with a main home a caretaker's home two wild west themed apartments an additional apartment three guest houses one historic cabin an ice cream parlor and an authentic replica of the silver dollar saloon all together there are 21 bedrooms and 34 bathrooms taking up around 32 000 square feet the main house comes with extra features such as elevators a swimming pool a home cinema a gym and more there's also a 25 000 square foot recreation building that has a five story rock climbing wall an Olympic-sized swimming pool and more also on site are football soccer pitches a trout pond and a tennis court the property even comes with 12 snowmobiles and three atvs with all the gear ready for the over 12 miles of groomed pathways at the time of writing all of this can be yours for 78 million dollars final fact finish if you've also wanted your own cheap secluded private island and want to start from scratch then we have the bonefish kin Belize located one and a half miles north of san Pedro town the island is only .25 acres in size the listing promotes it as a possible eco-friendly getaway it can be picked up for just sixty nine thousand five hundred dollars thanks for reading see you next time.

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