Italy's $22 Million Dollar Forbidden Island


We're bound to run into some ghosts get your emf sensor and infrared thermometer ready because the helicopter is about to land hoveglia island was put up for auction in 2014 with a starting bid of 490 000 the highest bid was for 624 thousand dollars but officials thought the price was too low after a change of heart it was eventually sold for 560 thousand dollars and now the island's transformation can begin rebuilding poveglia won't be cheap it's expected to cost as much as 22.7 million dollars the helicopter is about to land on the north end of the island get your ghost hunting gear ready because we're going to see the burning grounds first this empty field was recently used as a vineyard but back in 1348 it was filled with huge pyres that billowed flames smoke and ash into the air italians suffering from bubonic plague were sent to poveglia to meet an untimely demise and so many people perished that 50 percent of the island's soil is made up of human ash the bubonic plague was so severe that testing and treatment for 300 victims would be the equivalent of 288 600 today the bubonic plague ravaged italy once again from 1629 to 1631 and the pyres burned once again let's head over the bridge into the abandoned hospital there were fears of yet another plague throughout the 18th century so in 1777 a hospital called lazaretto was built on the island it was used as a quarantine station for merchants and sailors bringing goods and supplies into italy it closed in 1814 and in 1922 a new hospital was built in its place as you walk through the crumbling remains of the hospital be on the lookout for ghosts over there you'll see the rusted hospital beds and as you can see nature has completely taken over this hospital used to house geriatric patients and mentally ill patients but now all that remains is rubble and nature let's head to the remains of the insane asylum in the next building over as we walk through the crumbling remains of the insane asylum you'll see rusted beds with straps that were used to hold down the roof has collapsed in on itself and the concrete walls are covered in graffiti you'll see that some windows have been boarded up while others are still covered with metal bars like the lazaretto this building was transformed in 1922 the psychiatric patients who stayed in this asylum endured terrible conditions there are reports that lobotomies were performed on the patients by a mad doctor who used crude implements and no anesthesia some say that the doctor had a breakdown and jumped to his doom from the top of the island's bell tower some venetians believe that the doctor's ghost still haunts these halls alongside the ghosts of his victims things are getting a bit too creepy in here so let's head to the housing and administrative building before we head inside let's take a look at the exterior over there you'll see the aforementioned bell tower it's the only remnant from the church of san vitale napoleon ordered his troops to destroy the church in 1805 and the bell tower was then transformed into a lighthouse napoleon's forces built an armory and fort on poveglia which sat on the small octagonal island off of poveglia's southernmost tip as we walk inside the housing area you notice that the walls in here are covered in graffiti as well entire walls are missing and beams from the roof have fallen to the ground it's certainly not safe here and of course we still face the risk of running into a ghost let's head out into that growth of trees on the other side we'll find the plague field this open field looks barren today but during the bubonic plague pandemics it was used as a mass burial ground the remains that survived burning were thrown into open pits some visitors have claimed to hear moans cries and coughs from plague ghosts much of the remains have washed out to sea and fishermen won't come anywhere near this island for fear of bringing up remains in their fishing nets the helicopter is about to land let's get out of here here's a fun fact did you know that in 2015 a private group called poveglia pertuti was hoping to raise 36 million dollars to invigorate and rebuild poveglia island the group wanted to build a public park a marina a restaurant a hostel and a state-of-the-art study center on the island.

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