Elon Musk Is Mining A Golden Asteroid Worth $700 Quintillion

 Space the final frontier sure we've all heard this famous tagline from star trek but this massive void is more like the frontiers of the wild west than you know believe it or not space contains wealth and riches far beyond your wildest imaginations let's not forget scientists have discovered an enormous cosmic diamond named bpm37093 which is a crystallized white dwarf star basically it's a diamond four thousand meters long however we won't be traveling there anytime soon so is there anything closer to earth you bet there is and it takes the form of a giant golden asteroid oh you heard that right it's a ginormous golden asteroid whizzing around our solar system with an orbit that's the equivalent of about five earth years and with asteroids becoming legal to own in 2016 you better believe that wealthy celebrities have already taken an interest it seems it's only a matter of time before someone gets up there and becomes really really rich here's some stats about everyone's favorite soft metal and why you should be interested if you're trying to invest your hard-earned money one of the safest bets is buying gold in fact this past july in 2020 prices per ounce of gold climbed up to one thousand eight hundred dollars per ounce this is the highest gold has been since september of 2011. and frankly the uncertainty that this year has brought and most likely will continue to bring did y'all forget the united states is also holding its presidential election in only a few short months who knows what will happen but one thing is for certain and that is statistics gold is on the rise with an estimated 19 rise in value this year alone things are looking pretty darn good for gold aren't they well until you throw in a curveball that most investors aren't thinking of and by curveball we actually mean a gigantic 173 mile by 144 mile wide massive ball of metal we want to introduce you to the m-type asteroid 16 psyche it's shaped like your standard potato however it's much much bigger and made of stuff that is much more valuable see the reason that it is called an m-type asteroid is this the majority of its composition is metallic meaning that it is mostly made of metals like iron and nickel commonly found here on earth ah but the metals don't stop there scientists have discovered that 16 psyche is also compromised of mind-boggling amounts of gold and heaps of platinum just how much are these metals worth try this on for size 16 psyche if mined would yield 10 000 quadrillion dollars that's 19 zeros people so what is this floating fortune doing floundering through our favorite neighborhood the solar system scientists believe that this is actually the leftover remnants of the core of a planet they think that this planet must have formed around the time that our solar system was taking shape and through massive amounts of collisions from heavenly bodies that took place billions of years ago these collisions could have been asteroids moons other planets comets and more and before long the rocky surface was chipped away and slowly but surely all that was left was this incredibly dense and metallic core it is also speculated that this planet was probably the size of mars at least now you may be wondering how in the heck can we know all this about a giant rock that at its maximum distance is 497 million miles from the sun that's 3.3 astronomical units for all of you out there in the know for those that don't a single astronomical unit is the equivalent of the distance from the earth to the sun so yeah this asteroid is far out there but by studying it through both the visible and infrared spectrum as well as using radar they can get a surprisingly accurate portrait of what it looks like what it's made of and more they can even figure out it takes 4 hours for 16 psyche to rotate on its axis compared to the 24 hours it takes here on earth this baby is spinning at super speeds but even with all this incredible information there is only so much you can learn from observing at such a long distance away which is why scientists at nasa are very interested in sending a probe up to 16 psyche mainly because they believe by studying what is thought to be an exposed planet core they will learn more about earth and get even more information on what it was like in the early years during the formation of our solar system and planet and due to the asteroid being not too far away after all it's located right between the orbits of mars and jupiter it has already been announced that they will be able to launch a rocket in august of 2022 and the company behind the launch will be none other than spacex once up there the real fun will begin and by using a ton of incredibly advanced instruments like a gamma ray and neutron spectrometer we will get an even more detailed and accurate look at just what this giant golden potato is made of who knows we may find that there is even more gold than we thought but why stop there who is to say there couldn't be diamonds too diamonds diamonds don't you see diamonds will make everything all better sorry about that uh we're just we're huge simpsons fans here looks like we won't know for sure until the craft arrives at its far off destination by the year 2026 once it arrives it is slated to remain in orbit for 21 months this will be quite a historic mission as well due to the fact that this will be the first time that we will be investigating a heavenly body that is not made of rock and ice oh yeah you heard that right up till this mission there hasn't been any rockets sent to probe any metallic object in our solar system it's truly a legendary endeavor and we as a species will have taken leaps forward in finding not only our place in the world but our place in the universe it's a fantastic time to be alive but look that's all well and good learning about where we came from is great and all but uh the truth of the matter is this is a giant piece of gold flying through space worth quadrillions of dollars we want to know if someone can mine this bad boy let's split the pot no one would ever starve again and we could all have giant mansions just like the richest here on earth right well here's the thing first of all if this asteroid were to be mined it would be absolutely devastating to our economy we're talking really really bad not just bad like at the end of trading spaces bad but monstrously unfathomably world cripplingly bad without a doubt this would occur all over the world and to everyone basically all money would devalue almost instantly and that includes the money held by the governments of the world so yes technically there would be enough gold to go around to make every single person a billionaire but remember when everyone is a billionaire no one is but that doesn't mean that private investors and companies aren't interested in getting up there and taking a swing at the potato shaped fortune in fact everyone's favorite billionaire elon musk not to mention the man behind spacex has sent out some rather coy tweets hinting that he would be very interested in mining 16 psyche see this idea is nothing new the one that says there is a wealth of gold to be mined up in the heavens in fact there are two companies called deep space industries and planetary resources that are backed by big name celebs and these companies are specifically geared towards mining and extracting gold from asteroids in our solar system they've even been eyeing another asteroid known as 2011 uw-158 asteroid and while it's nowhere near the levels of wealth contained on 16 psyche this floating gold mine is twice the size of the tower of london and still worth an approximate 5.7 trillion dollars no wonder people are scrambling to get up there which brings us back to mr musk who when asked if he would comment on the idea of him mining the gold in asteroids due to gold not having a fixed supply he simply tweeted the word psyche and linked to an article by fox news stating the gold up there would make everyone on earth a billionaire touche mr musk touche so looks like the rich are just going to get richer and richer and richer until well they mine the gold from the asteroids crash the world's economy spiral life as we know it into oblivion and watch as we all have to pick up the pieces oh wait that sounds eerily similar to 2020 already everyone's favorite year and yes we mean that with as much sarcasm as we can muster people hey you know what we say go for it bring that gold down from the heavens and let us all be billionaires for a day we've always wanted to know what it would be like to own a super yacht or a private jet or any lamborghini we've ever wanted anyway the rich have had their time let's even things out and start over anew with everyone swimming in their own pile of money a la scrooge mcduck as jesse pinkman would say yes science seems that space is filled with far more than just well empty space yes it's cold and dark and frankly if you were up there most of the time you would just be trying to keep yourself busy as you floated endlessly through the pitch black blanket that is its infinite majesty but at the same time this vast cosmic void is teeming with mysteries and adventures just waiting to be had not to mention incredible riches to be mined for those brave enough and let's face it rich enough to strap on a spacesuit and fly out there for now though it seems mr musk is content just looking at the aforementioned shiny asteroid even though he's certainly hinted at having interest in sending up a mining mission but i guess when you're worth 78.2 billion dollars you don't really need a giant golden asteroid but the rest of us yeah we do stay in school learn science and design that perfect spaceship that can mine this baby you'll be richer than anyone else in humanity's history hey looks like being a nerd pays off thanks for sticking around and reading today's post it was a blast making it and we love serving you all the latest gossip on the ultra rich and incredibly wealthy after all it doesn't look like any of us are going to be quite as rich as the billionaires of the world anytime soon which means we certainly aren't going to have enough to mine these massive golden asteroids .

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