Earth Change 100 Million Years in the Future


This  earth is 335 million years ago i wasn't around then but there's just one super continent pangaea see it just split into two huge pieces australia goes this way north and south america go that way africa asia europe forming forming and there we go the planet as it is today let's keep going i mean the continents are always on the move over time some of them will crash into each other others will break apart but that'll take about a hundred million years better put it on super fast forward 100 years from now humans keep spitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the planets already warmed up a bunch the world's ocean levels have risen about four feet the bahamas they've totally disappeared 200 years from now the earth's population is about 19 billion people the climate's gotten even warmer we're packed in like sardines over here new medical tech makes it possible to live to 180 but why fossil fuel reserves of oil and gas long gone oh and the continents have drifted over 16 feet the voyager 1 space probe is about to enter an asteroid cloud at the edge of the solar system it's the most distant man-made object in the universe i guess a thousand years from now thanks to better quality food humans are now seven feet tall on average technologies solve the pollution and fuel shortage problem humanity's doing just fine robots do all the work we just play around all day ocean levels have crept up another 10 feet islands like the seychelles maldives galapagos and many others have gone underwater denmark the netherlands eastern england thailand and vietnam are only partially underwater there's been a huge human migration these last hundred years fast forward about 5 000 more years and it's the year 8113 humanity's getting ready to open the crypt of civilization it's a hermetically sealed room in georgia in the states that georgia it was created in 1940 and it's full of about 800 books on microfilm recordings of famous people's voices it's also filled with bits of technology from that time like a toaster a radio and a typewriter some awesome people created the crypt of civilization in case humans experienced a major catastrophe in the distant future and had to rebuild civilization from scratch we'd all go back to using typewriters thousand years from now our planet has changed its tilt and the sahara desert is now a tropical paradise years of rain turned the dry desert into a wild jungle thirty thousand years from now the voyager 1 space probe has finally left the asteroid cloud at the edge of our solar system if it doesn't collide with anything it'll be flying in the dark wide open outer space for a very long time thousand years from now the climate's changing a lot the temperature on earth is beginning to drop and we are approaching the beginning of a new ice age the radio signal with a special hello all you aliens out there message sent into space in 1974 has reached its destination the message contained the human number system and data about our dna and our solar system if there was someone on the other end to receive this signal we might have a response from them one hundred thousand years from now one of the largest known stars in our galaxy canis majoris explodes with enormous force the explosion of this supernova can be seen from earth even during the day and the nights are much brighter because of the new strong glow in the night sky what's new on earth super volcanoes start erupting all over these volcanoes spew colossal amounts of lava and ash everywhere thick black clouds cover most of the sky this prevents the sun's rays from reaching the ground and the temperature on our planet drops even lower humans mostly live underground anyway so it's no big deal because the stars are gradually moving in different directions the usual constellations are starting to change shape soon we'll need to come up with totally new constellation needs 250 years from now oh a new islands on the map back in 2021 it was just an underwater volcano somewhere in the pacific after thousands of years of spouting out lava it finally reached the ocean surface and busted out in the cool fresh air not much growing on it yet niagara falls has long since disappeared and lake erie and lake ontario have teamed up to form one huge super lake 300 000 years from now the triple star system wr 104 is about to explode it's spinning crazy fast and there's a chance that radiation from the explosion could eventually reach earth that would do a lot of damage to all life on our planet voyager 1 reaches the brightest star in the night sky sirius not a very funny star at all it's really serious it's 8.6 light years from earth 500 000 years from now scientists are pretty sure that a huge meteorite could fall to earth any day now it might be even the size of eight football fields the impact of such a massive meteorite would cause an explosion so powerful that its sound would be heard on every continent that would be followed by super strong earthquakes and tsunamis higher than the bright side empire municipal building tower thingy okay i just made that up but who knows what we'll be building in the future one million years from now the rogue star gliese 710 comes very close to our solar system we're surrounded by a huge shield of asteroids called the oort cloud and the rogue stars beginning to affect the asteroids hanging out in there it grabs them spins them around and throws them toward the center of our solar system comets start to fall on our planet all the time big ones causing more tsunamis and earthquakes ten million years from now the red sea is gradually expanding into the east african river africa is now divided in two by a new oceanic gulf the human dna molecule has completely decomposed but it's no big deal we've become totally digital without any pesky aging problems the really cool thing is that other animals have evolved a lot and change ridiculously thanks to a simple interface we're actually able to talk to dolphins chimps dogs and cats turns out cats aren't grumpy they're just busy contemplating life 25 million years from now the san andreas fault has been crazy recently and has caused the gulf of california to flood the central valley there's a new sea on the west coast of north america 50 million years from now africa just collided with eurasia the mediterranean sea is totally gone there's a new tallest mountain in the world its name mount everest of course australia is continuing its journey north it already collided with southeast asia a few million years ago the few human colonies still left on mars need to do some serious backing phobos one of mars moons is beginning to orbit at a lower and lower altitude that's not good it's about 14 miles wide so that's going to be unpleasant 60 million years from now the canadian rocky mountains have completely eroded it's just one gigantic flat plain 80 million years from now all the remains of hawaii is one island all the others have long since gone underwater but just next door a whole new chain of hawaiian islands has emerged finally 100 million years from now we made it the atlantic shrinking down to nothing the americas are almost rubbing up against africa africa has already merged with eurasia we've got ourselves a super continent again hello pangaea proxima all traces of human life are gone or buried deep underground the movement of the continents has destroyed tunnels roads buildings bridges animals and plants now reign supreme on earth so where are all the humans well remember we made the jump to digital about 90 million years ago things are still going strong there are trillions of human minds living on a huge hard drive on a spaceship orbiting earth the super low space temperature is good for keeping the drive nice and cool we have millions of different societies languages and cultures just like we had a hundred million years ago the only difference we're all little ones and zeros in the huge digital universe that we created and yes they're still football. 

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