Blue Origin VS SpaceX The Fight For Space

If  they're not fighting it out for who

has the biggest net worth in the world,

now Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos's rivalry

has been cemented

in the space industry. Ever since their

respective companies of SpaceX and blue

origin was formed.

The two have battled it out for

the dominance of the galaxy

and, recently it got even more intense.

Today we're going to take a look at the

two billionaire behemoths on their race

to space,

such as a multi-billion dollar NASA

a contract that further divided the two


We'll also explore a number of other

instances the two have clashed over the


so let's get started.....

During 2017 NASA got underway with the

Artemis program,

the mission was simple to get Americans

back onto the moon.

The last time NASA got people there was

in 1972 for the Apollo program,

as such it's long overdue. The Artemis

the program also has two additional goals to

get the first woman

and the first person of color onto the

lunar surface.

The aim is to undertake the mission by

the mid-2020s.

In February 2021 the NASA office of

inspector general stated that

up until 2025 the Artemis program will

cost around 86

billion dollars. Due to this NASA was

looking for a company to develop the

first commercial human lander.

This machine would get the

history-making crew to touch down on the

moon's surface.

The reason for looking for outside help

is to reduce the cost of the agency,

as well as encourage private enterprises

to venture into space.

During April 2020 a number of space

companies were selected by NASA to


and develop human landing systems or


On one side we have Jeff Bezos in blue

origin on the other

Elon musk and SpaceX. Finally there was

Alabama-based firm genetics also in the


The joint cost of this contract came to


million dollars for a 10-month period.

However, this was later extended to 12


Blue origin received a bigger slice of

the money with 579 million dollars since

their plan was further along.

While dynamics got 253 million dollars

and SpaceX won 135 million dollars.

By April 2021 NASA chose SpaceX to

develop their design of the starship hls,

which surprised many as it seemed like

the space agency would pick

two companies to develop the hls. The


contracts value came to 2.89

billion dollars. NASA states that their

the plan is to launch four

astronauts within the Orion spacecraft

via their own space launch system rocket

after reaching the moon's orbit two of

the astronauts will depart and get into

SpaceX's starship

hls. Once they reach the surface they'll

spend a week there to explore the area

eventually, the astronauts will

essentially do the reverse journey to

return to earth

shortly after the announcement blue

origin and genetics teamed up to contest

the contract being awarded to their


The two believe that NASA's decision was

based on flawed evaluations of the bid

as well as their decision to only select

one company.

The companies filed their protest with

 US's government accountability


While in response Elon musk tweeted a

tongue-in-cheek comment about blue

origin's struggle to launch a rocket

into orbit.

In may 2021 it was announced that after

missing out on the lucrative NASA


blue origin was in line to receive some

funding from us government.

The money would be provided through the

 endless frontier act which was formed to

help keep US's space program

competitive with other countries.

The cash would be given to NASA which is

expected to be funneled to Bezos firm

if the funding goes through the blue origin

will receive

10 billion. In the first three months of


blue origin spent a reported 625

000 on lobbying officials for this

amount of cash.

However, not everyone is happy with this

so-called bailout.

At the time of writing senator Bernie

sanders is looking to amend the bill in

order to remove this massive funding.

Sanders stated to the intercept quote it

does not make a lot of sense to me that

we would provide

billions of dollars to a company owned

by the wealthiest guy in America

unquote so watch this space.

This isn't the first time that SpaceX

and blue origin's rivalry has been


In 2013 NASA announced they were

looking to lease out launch complex 39a

at the Kennedy space center.

The complex was built as part of the

Apollo program

it was believed that by renting it out

the agency could save more than one

million dollars annually in maintenance


By 2014 NASA awarded a 20-year lease of


to SpaceX over blue origin afterward

Bezos company leased cape Canaveral air

force stations launch complex 36 during


The deal is expected to bring in 200

million dollars into the local Florida


While the pad itself is reported to have

cost 1 billion dollars.

Then during 2014 SpaceX petitioned

against blue origin in order to

invalidate their patents for a rocket

able to land on ships at sea.

In the end, the judge mostly ruled in

SpaceX's favor

13 of the 15 patients were withdrawn by

blue origin

and to rub salt into the wound during


SpaceX successfully landed their falcon

9 rocket onto a floating platform at sea.

Whilst in 2018

the US air force funded a number of

companies proposals in developing a

launch system prototype

those selected included Northrop Grumman

United launch alliance and

of course blue origin. Altogether the

contracts totaled

2.3 billion dollars with the blue origin

receiving 500 million dollars for their

new Glenn rocket.

Well SpaceX wasn't happy instead

in 2019 they filed a lawsuit against the


They claimed that the contracts were

wrongly awarded for quote

a portfolio of three unproven rockets

based on

unstated metrics unquote. The case was

rejected by the judge in 2020.

However, also in 2020 the contract

between the air force and blue origin

was canceled.

The space company had only received

255.5 million dollars of their initial


for those that don't know the blue origin

was formed by amazon

creator jeff Bezos in 2000 with the

mission to lower the cost of sending

people into space.

During his high school valedictorian

speech he mentioned that he wanted to

build hotels and colonies in space.

According to reports during 2018 Bezos

announced plans to liquidate around

1 billion worth of Amazon stock each

year to fund blue origin.

Recently the company announced they were

going to auction off a seat for a

civilian to get on board the new Shepard

their spacecraft for tourism. The craft

is set to take off in July 2021

at the time of writing the auction is

currently at 2.8

million dollars. During 2002

musk was the majority stockholder of


so when eBay came in and purchased the

service for 1.5 billion

musk personally received 180 million


With the new financing, musk decided to

form SpaceX in the same year.

In 2001 he had an idea for the mars


this project would consist of a sealed

the chamber being sent to the red planet via

a spacecraft.

The chamber would contain dry nutrient

gel and seeds.

So once it lands there's a small

greenhouse ready to go.

Very similar to matt Damon situation in

the Martian.

At the time musk pledged 20 million

dollars to this idea.

however, once he realized it would be

much much more

he created SpaceX to help lower fees for

space exploration

final fact finish looking to create

their own version of the united state's

GPS satellite system

the European union developed Galileo

named after the Italian

astronomer Galileo Galilei the original

cost of the program

is stated to be 10 billion euros around

12.2 billion dollars.

However, it has been estimated that over

20 years of its lifetime

it could cost 22.2 billion euros

or 27.1 billion dollars

thanks for reading we'll see you next


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